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A unique blog that amalgamates the areas of Neuroscience, Psychology, Leadership and Spirituality to deliver valuable contents for YOU. It’s my humble request that you take couple of minutes to fully read the below important context behind this blog. It looks long, but when you start reading you won’t feel it 🙂

We all thrive to lead a quality life that empowers us to become a good human being. We change our roles and responsibilities right from childhood to adulthood. The PERSON who we were as a toddler, is different from who we were as teenager or young adult or adult. We have constantly evolved through every stage of our lives to become what/who we are today. There are thousands of factors that contributed to our growth. If you look back on the journey of your life, do you feel a sense of accomplishment? Or feel you missed many opportunities? Whatever the case may be, the fact is we can learn from the past lessons and take full control of our lives going forward.

The world we live in today is filled with millions of information, tools and technologies that clutter our life. Adding to the misery is the constant lack of time. The only way to de-clutter is to look INSIDE of you than OUTSIDE and make conscious effort to make changes. I personally went through this change process and thought will share this to make a difference in your life.

Now, you may be wondering how Neuroscience, Psychology, Leadership and Spirituality (NPLS) can make a difference. If you think of it every single aspects of NPLS is intimately connected to our lives:

  • Neuroscience helps understand what makes us human through research on Brain
  • Psychology helps understand why humans behave the way they do
  • Leadership is much needed in our professional and personal life
  • Spirituality helps find meaning to our existence

Through Friday Stimulants, I make conscious effort to create contents from these areas and present it in a simple, structured, easy to understand format. It caters to the needs of busy people, who want a quick summary or the ardent reader who need detailed information. All my contents end with a “My viewpoint and summary” section which makes it bit personalized and has a key take away message.

What started off as a casual Friday email, has now become a ritual and helped me create this platform. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for encouraging me to do this. I dedicate this Friday Stimulants to YOU and begin this journey with a quote from Victor E. Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning

“Life is not primarily a quest for pleasure or a quest for power, but a quest for meaning in work, in love and in courage”

Thank you once again. Please share your comments, suggestions, feedback and thoughts on the design of this site. I will need your support to make continuous improvements. Wish me GOOD LUCK :-)

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